How To Improve Alexa Rank

What is a Alexa rank

Today we talk about the Alexa rank, Alexa rank is the rank of your website, which tells you the traffic details on the website, the first thing to do is to get an Alexa rank, rank is of two types, a search engine Rank and second Alexa rank

When the website comes top in the ranking of the search engine, then it is called search engine ranking, but in the Alexa rankings, the website does not see the rankings, the traffic to the website is divided into ranks.

The more traffic your website gets, the Alexa rank of your website increases,
If you want to earn money from your website, then your website’s Alexa rank should be good, meaning more people should come to your website.

To increase Alexa Rank you have to do a little social media for your website,
First of all, check out the Alexa rank of your website, for that you have to install the Alexa Rank Toolbar in your Google Chrome,
Or you can check your website’s online rankings by visiting


How to raise Alexa Ranking?
To increase Alexa ranking you have to do SEO well for your website and share your website with more on social media.

1. If you put Alexa widget on your website, then you will have the advantage of getting traffic from Alexa on your website every day, and this will help increase your Alexa ranking.

2. You can validate your website in Alexa Ranking by putting an htmla tag in your website, but nowadays, Alexa has opted for free Verify option, now you only have to put Alexa’s html tag on your website by paying a rupee Can have

3. Make some good backlinks for your website, so that people come to your website, the more traffic your website gets, it will help you increase the Alexa rank.

4. Keep the most attention of social media, because Alexa does not see Ranking Nofollow and Dofollow, so you can share your links by making your profiles in the good social media website.

5. Take care of the popular post in the market, the more new posts you will share, the rank of your website will be as good, share the post of try, which is not in someone else’s blog, people want to get some new article. , Your blog will only come

Friends, you may have understood in this post how to rank Alexa ranking you can get a visitor to your website, if your website’s Alexa Ranking is very good, then your people would like to come to your website more, but You have to pay more attention to SEO on your website, if you do SEO correctly, Alexa Rank will also keep growing

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