How To Promote Affiliate Links On Social Media-

Through affiliate Links-Affiliate Market Place, we sell Online Products, also called Internet Affiliate MarketimarmarkWhereby we promote Promotional Products and when people buy those Products, we get Revenue (Sales) on the product’s sales, so that we can make Extra Income. Different Places can be used to promote affiliate products on the Internet, in which Social Media is also a good option where we can easily Promote our Affiliate Links and Increase Your Online Earning.

To Promote Affiliate Links on Social Media, you should have information about Social Media Marketing so that you can easily understand things and promote your product’s Affiliate Links properly. It is important to promote Affiliate Links on Social Media that you promote your products on those Social Media Sites where people are most active so that you can get a good response. There are so many Social Media Sites on the internet today where you can easily share your Affiliate Links and earn your Earning. Some of the popular Social Media Sites we are telling you in this article.

01- Facebook Account

Facebook is a very popular Social Media Site. On which you can create your account and share your Affiliate Links. The best advantage of sharing affiliate links on Facebook Account is that you can tag your friends and family members with your post. So their friends can also see your Affiliate Like and click on that link to buy your Affiliate Product. By which you can easily increase your Online Earning by promoting your Affiliate Links.

Simultaneously, there are more important and effective options available for sharing affiliate links on Facebook, which we are telling you here.

02- Facebook Page

To share affiliate links, you can create your own Business Page on Facebook so that you can share your Affiliate Links on that page and by promoting your products on Facebook. To promote your products on Facebook Page, you also need more Likes on your Facebook Page so you can increase the Likes on your Facebook Page so that you can easily promote your Affiliate Links.

03- Facebook Group

You get different groups on Facebook Find out first of the business groups and see how many members are there within those groups, as many more members, you will be able to promote your Affiliate Links among the more people and get a good Result.

When you join other groups on Facebook, then definitely check that they give you permissions to share affiliate links, so that groups which do not have the ability to share links, leave those groups because those groups are your There are no jobs.

04- Use Viral Post / Images on Facebook

On Facebook, you get lots of posts and images, which have very much Likes and Comments, you can also share your Affiliate Links with your comment in the Post / Images of the Post / Images. All those people who have posted or commented on that post get a notification of your comment and they buy that product by clicking on your affiliate link.

05- Ad Compain on Facebook

You can write a Short Note with any of the Affiliate Links of the Product, so that your Affiliate Link can be more Attractive and the Chances of Clicking on that Link will also increase, after that you can also Ad Compaining at that Post. For which you only get Rs. 60 have to pay. When you are Ad Compain, select the right audience from the help of Target User, which gives you more benefits and your ads will be show to only those people who get Chances of Clicks becoming even more increase.

When you make Ad Compain on Facebook, keep an eye on one thing that you just updated on your Facebook page, Ad Compain on Post, so that your product along with your Facebook Page can also be promotote and you can benefit from it in Future .

06- Whatsapp

Today all people use Android Phone and they use Whatsapp on their Android phones so you can join different groups on Whatsapp and share your affiliate links so that your affiliate links can reach most people and you can click on those links. It can be a very effective way. Which gives you very much Clicks on your Affiliate Links.


Linkdin is used mostly in today’s time by Blogger and YouTuber, as well as Business Man and Students are also active on Linkdin today, hence Linkdin is also a good option where you can share your Affiliate Links and get as many clicks as possible. Can get.

08- Linkdin Groups

On Linkdin, you get lots of groups that you can join. So firstly you should find Business Groups and join the groups so that you will be able to share your Affiliate Links in those Groups and get as many Clicks as possible.

09- Pinterest

Pinterest is an Image Sharing Site so you can share your Affiliate Product’s Attractive Image on Pinterest and add your Affiliate Link with the image, so that you get maximum clicks on Pinterest. To get Effective Results, you have to increase the maximum number of Followers on your Pinterest Board.

Along with this, you can also write a Short Note with your Affiliate Link, in which you also share the necessary information about that product, and you must also re-pin your Affiliate Links with other related images so that Benefits can be found.

10- YouTube

To Prmote Affiliate Links on YouTube, you can share your affiliate links within the Description Box, so that your viewers can click on those links to buy the product you specify.

11- Twitter

Twitter is increasing in today’s time, so Twitter is also a Best Option for Affiliate Marketing. You can write a Short Note with your Affiliate Links on Twitter so that your Affiliate Link is more Attractive and you can use the ‘#’ tag with your product name. By which clicking on your Affiliate Link becomes very enhanced and you can easily increase your Earning by promoting your products.


Instagram today is a very popular Social Media App through which you can promote your Affiliate Links. It is very easy to share Affiliate Links on Instagram. You just have to create an account on Instagram and for good results, you have to increase many followers. By which you can easily promote your Affiliate Links and sell them and Increase your Online Earning.


The methods we have told you in this article are mostly free from which you can easily promote your Affiliate Links and Increase Your Online Earning Through Affiliate Marketing. In addition to affiliate marketing, you have more questions, you must tell us in the Comment Box and in addition to these suggestions, if you also have a good option, then you will definitely share it with us. You will definitely mention in the article that if you liked this article, then please share this article on your social media accounts Thank You.

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