If you are using Airtel SIM then you must know that you are fooled or not

Airtel is the leading telecommunications companies in India. However, the company is currently in the dispute. An important event that prompts the issuing of Aadhaar in India has been highlighted by the UIDAI and they had issued notice to the Bharti Airtel and Airtel Payments banks on allegedly opening the account in the payment bank without seeking its customers.

Airtel is accused of opening accounts in the payment bank of the customers coming to support based mobile SIM verification there, and no approval has been given on this. After complaints of people, it was found that Airtel Stores is opening Airtel Payments accounts of subscribers who are reaching for Aadhar verification.

UIDAI has sent notices to Airtel for this matter. The base authority has ordered it to be closed as soon as it is considered illegal. UIDAI has said in its notice that, there are complaints that Airtel is opening Airtel payments bank from retailers for verification Aadhar verification.

However, the Airtel spokesperson has said that Airtel Payments Bank is following the RBI and UIDAI Guideline. He said that we will inform consumers about this and take steps to keep transparency. He claimed that Airtel Payments Bank is opening its account only after the consent of the customers.

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