‘Shahidat of Tipu can not be forgotten’ – President Ram Nath Kovind

President Ram Nath Kovind read in the glory of Tipu, said, “Shahu, Tipu’s martyrdom can not be forgotten. President Ram Nath Kovind read in the praise of Tipu, said, “Sha’ftat of Tipu can not be forgotten, Tipu Sultan, who is the first martyr for the country, is fighting for four wars and the country is once again in dispute.

Tipu Sultan is described by Hindu Hindus as anti-Hindu, although they do not have any facts to prove that Tipu Sultan is anti-Hindu, the Karnataka government celebrates the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan from 2015. This time too, the Karnataka government had sent an invitation to the state and central ministers for the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan, on which Modi’s minister made an unlimited comment on Tipu Sultan.
There was a debate after the comments made by the Union Minister on Tipu Sultan, today the country’s President Ramnath Kovind addressed Karnataka Legislative Assembly as Tipu Sultan as the hero. This statement of the President also rejects allegations of Hindutva leaders and Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegad that he had imposed on Tipu Sultan.
President Ramnath Kovind said that Tipu Sultan had fought a war against the British, his sacrifice would always be remembered, Tipu discovered the rocket, the discovery of a missile. It is significant that Tipu Sultan fought four wars against the British, in the fourth war Fighting the British had been martyred, Tipu Sultan is also called the lion of Mysore.

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